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Joe Ward - Climbing Clinic

Joe Ward - Climbing Clinic

joe ward

+ climbing coach

+ climbing mentor


Joe is a professional climbing technique and performance coach based in New Zealand. His columns have appeared in The Climber Magazine, NZ and he is a former New Zealand Alpine Club National Boulder Series Champion.

Cirrus Tan - Climbing Clinic

Cirrus Tan - Climbing Clinic





Cirrus is a qualified personal trainer and has over 10 years of climbing and coaching experience. In recent years Cirrus has had a positive influence on the female climbing community in NZ. Cirrus has endless enthusiasm and motivation.

Cirrus is supported by Ocun, Friction Labs Climbing Chalk and green tea

Johnny Smit - Climbing Clinic

Johnny Smit - Climbing Clinic

johnny smit

+ Personal Trainer


Johnny is a qualified personal trainer with 15 years of industry experience. Johnny has helped 100s of clients achieve their goals in many areas including athletics, weight loss, and rehab for various injurys. 

Through his knowledge of fitness and fitness Johnny has helped a range of climbers make important improvements to there well being and changes to their rock climbing.

Johnny currently operates out of Cityfitness Northwood in Christchurch.