Joe Ward climbing Millennium at Flock Hill, New Zealand

Joe Ward climbing Millennium at Flock Hill, New Zealand

Joe Ward

Joe Ward is a professional climbing technique and performance coach based in New Zealand. His columns have appeared in The Climber Magazine, NZ and he is former New Zealand Alpine Club National Boulder Series Champion.

There is a growing community of climbers out there who are actively seeking help and advice with their rock climbing. Because of this I have developed the Climbing Clinic as a place where climbers can access the most experienced and professional climbing coaches in New Zealand.
— Joe Ward

As a coach, mentor and climber Joe has engaged with many rock climbing questions over the past 15 years. From climbers who are in their first couple of years of rock climbing through to some with decades of experience he noticed the same questions being asked again and again. Through his work as a climbing coach, he gained the nickname 'Coach Joe'. 

In over a decade of rock climbing experience on his search for the perfect move Joe has bouldered V12, spotted V14 and almost belayed 35/French 9a. He is currently a coach and mentor to many of New Zealand's rock climbers and boulderers. As a professional coach he has experience helping climbers of all ages and abilities to better their climbing. In his quest for knowledge and understanding he has travelled across the planet to spend time interacting with, learning from and sharing experiences with other high profile climbing coaches.

Joe has created the Climbing Clinic as a place to raise the profile of climbing coaching in New Zealand. Part of this is to share and open discussion on many of the topics he has encountered and to build a team of coaches and other professionals to explore future questions of climbing development in New Zealand. Through the Climbing Clinic Joe offers the benefits of professional climbing coaching to climbers throughout New Zealand. 

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