For those who want to climb better.

+ Personal coaching for rock climbing +


How can personal coaching help you?

Simple stuff - Rock climbing is about enjoyment. If you're climbing well you will get more enjoyment from each of your sessions.

+ climb well

Spending time with an experienced and professional climbing coach will provide you with knowledge and tips to help you to make quick and effective improvements in your rock climbing. From the building blocks of climbing movement, momentum and footwork to confidence and preparation, time with a climbing coach can really help you to make more of your precious climbing time.

Personal coaching often takes the form of hands on 1-to-1 or small group sessions. Technique coaching sessions with me are available at many climbing walls throughout New Zealand, get in touch to find out when and where you can have your session. 

Is Joe the coach for you?

+ engage

I have explored questions of improvement with climbers of all ages and abilities. From climbers who are in their first couple of years of rock climbing through to some with decades of experience. I have helped many climbers at different stages in there rock climbing to make significant and measurable improvements. There is also a growing community of climbers out there who are actively seeking help and advice with their rock climbing. Because of this I have developed the Climbing Clinic as a place where climbers can access the most experienced and professional climbing coaches in New Zealand.

+ learn

In my quest for knowledge and understanding I have traveled across the planet to spend time interacting with, learning from and sharing experiences with other high profile climbing coaches. Every day is a school day. I have professional experience learning with and coaching clients from across the globe, from New Zealand and the UK. However, what links all of the climbers I work with is their desire to take action and improve, I know these are the climbers other coaches love to work with too.