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learn + improve + perform


How can mentoring help you?

Have you reached a plateau in your climbing? Do you want to get stronger, climb grades harder, stand on the podium? 

Simple stuff - If you want to achieve something the quickest way to get there is by working with someone who has already been there either on their own or through the experience of helping others. Mentoring is personal and essential for anyone wanting to see significant results.

Mentoring is for anyone who seeks longer term development in their rock climbing. There is a difference between mentoring and coaching. A mentor will be there to support and explore a wide range of topics and issues that may ultimately impact your progression. 

A great mentor will find out what motivates you, what your goals are. From here together you will design a strategy to follow and accountability for the direction you have chosen.  Your mentor will be there to guide and support you depending on the circumstances you encounter along the way.

Sure you get by without a mentor. However if you take action and find yourself a mentor you will dramatically increase your chance of success. 

If you think you would benefit from climbing mentor, I could be the mentor for you.


Is Joe the mentor for you?

Your mentor must... Inspire you + Be current + Have a genuine desire to help you

Ultimately you and your mentor must resonate with each other. The way to find out if you do is to spend some time together. What I love about mentoring is using my knowledge and experience to make a real difference and play a significant role in changing someone's life and seeing them climb well.

Honestly, not all mentors will be right for you so it is important that you find the right one for you. I don't take on many clients at a time so that I can give the maximum to each of my clients. Below are some things about me, if you think I can help you get in contact to find out how we can work together.

+ learn + improve

I have explored questions of improvement with climbers of all ages and abilities. I currently work with a range of clients. Some are climbers who are in their first couple of years of rock climbing through to others with decades of experience. In reality I have helped many climbers at different stages in there rock climbing to make significant improvements. What links all of the climbers I work with is their desire to take action and improve.

+ perform

On paper I have a track record of helping climbers reach their performance goals. I have mentored and coached climbers in sport climbing up to grade 35 (9a) and bouldering up to v13. I am currently working with a number of competitive climbers who regularly stand on the podium at national events and who have seen success at overseas and international competitions. However performance is relative to the goals that are set. Get in touch with me to discuss your direction. 

I'am ready to help you move through your plateau to achieve your long term climbing goals. If you would like to discuss how mentoring could work for you, get in touch.

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